Insolvency law

The basic jurisdiction and cornerstone of FYRM. which is not only limited
to bankruptcy settlement. Because more than half of the
lawyers in our firm are appointed by the court as
bankruptcy trustees, we know better than anyone what it’s like to be on the “other
side” and we know from experience especially where things can go wrong.

FYRM. FYRM. knows exactly how trustees think, operate, and determine their trade-offs, and we can give our clients a good overview of what is and is not possible after a brief analysis. We identify the problem precisely. This makes us true specialists and excellent advisors.

FYRM. advises and assists companies in making a new start or in restructuring or liquidating their business. FYRM. also assists directors, suppliers, employees, and other creditors in various disputes that relate to bankruptcy law.

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Our Insolvency Law team advises and litigates on the following sub-topics: