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Employment law

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Employment law

Both employers and employees come into contact with employment law on an almost daily basis. The fact that regulations have been very much in flux in recent years does not make it any easier. FYRM. guides you through the maze of rules and case law. Our lawyers specialize in a wide variety of employment-related disputes.

Working as a lawyer in employment law requires highly specialized knowledge, partly in view of the fact that this area of law is extremely dynamic and has undergone radical developments in recent years. FYRM. provides legal assistance to all parties directly or indirectly involved in labor relations, such as employers, employees, directors/managers, works councils, and unions. FYRM. is characterized by its specific approach. We are unyielding and, as your lawyer, we support and work alongside you every step of the way. As an employer’s lawyer, we act decisively and strategically. As an employer’s lawyer, we act decisively and strategically. As an employee’s lawyer, we are combative and guide the employee through the difficult period on the way to the best outcome.

Our Employment Law team frequently advises and litigates on the following sub-topics:

  • Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB)
  • Employee participation (WOR)
  • Dismissal cases (dissolution/instant dismissal)
  • Transitional compensation and equitable remuneration
  • Illness and reintegration
  • Working conditions and liabilities
  • Competition and relationship clause
  • termination by mutual consent (the settlement agreement (VSO) / termination agreement)
  • Reorganization and restructuring
  • Employment contracts and personnel regulations
  • Special conditions
  • Transfer of business and successive employment
  • Statutory director/CEO
  • Engagement and management agreements
  • Triangular relationships (on-call and payroll)
  • Litigation (intermediary proceedings and various proceedings)
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